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    • Don’t Wash in the Sun: Direct sunlight can overheat the glass and cause streaking while you’re cleaning. Clean Scrubber: Make sure your scrubber and squeegee are clean. It doesn’t make much sense to clean with dirty tools! Don’t forget to wipe your squeegee between strokes. Yo...……
      Mar 20
    • Designs can be implemented in previously unattainable dimensions, with incomparable resolution and focal precision, and with unique color intensity. The end product, refined in this way, not only meets the most challenging aesthetic demands but also satisfies on a sustainable bas...……
      Mar 15
    • Tips to Prevent Birds from Crashing into Windows We’ve all seen or heard a bird fly into a window, and while bird collisions are nothing new, the problem is increasing. Because of widespread urbanization, trends that favor larger panes of glass in both residences and commerci...……
      Mar 13
    • With warmer months just around the corner, ensuring your replacement windows are made with Low-E glass is as important as ever. “Low E” glass stands for “low emissivity.” In other words, Low E glass is produced with microscopically thin silver coatings which limit the amount of u...……
      Mar 10
    • Architectural Glass carries a wide selection of distinctive pattern glass to add a touch of elegance to your interior and exterior design. Unique patterns and textures can be featured in various design applications to add obscurity for privacy or for decorative use as a primary d...……
      Mar 06
    • Wallkingdon Glass Solutions is a proud leader in decorative glass by offering an extensive line of decorative glass collections, options, and products. From etched and frosted glass, to laminated, back painted, and more.……
      Mar 03
    • With safety in mind, Laminated Safety Glass is becoming the mainstay ideal for applications that require, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection.  And by using a special interlayer and or heat treated glass it can have high Strength.  In combination with printed glass and ...……
      Mar 02
    • Wallkingdon glass sells to contract glaziers, glass shops, window manufactureres, property management companies, and residential shower doors and mirrors and so on. Please call our office for more information and pricing. ……
      Feb 22
    • When people wave to you through the windows of your home, you probably wave back. If so, you're using a handy property of glass that we all take for granted: it lets light pass through it pretty much unimpeded. If you have a cat, it probably curls up on your window ledges in the ...……
      Feb 21
    • Today, we will unveil the magic behind one-way mirrors (also known as two-way glass or mirror). The trick is simpler than you might think. Most mirrors are made by applying a thin layer of a reflective material, aluminum in most cases, to the back of a sheet of glass. This is ca...……
      Feb 17

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