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    Leaders in Architectural Decorative Glass

    2023-03-03 14:55:47  News

    Wallkingdon Glass is a proud leader in decorative glass by offering an extensive line of decorative glass collections, options, and products. From etched and frosted glass, to laminated, back painted, and more.

    Decorative Glass Overview

    · Complete control over every aspect from opacity to scale to color

    · Extensive decorative glass collections and patterns

    · Exclusive patterns and designs not found anywhere else

    · Go custom with your own artwork and ideas

    · All patterns can be applied using any decorative glass technique

    About Our Decorative Glass

    With a wide range of decorative glass collections, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pattern, style, and decorative glass product for your design. Each of our collections are completely customizable and offer you the ability to adjust patterns, colors, gradients, and opacities to achieve your design vision. You can even supply your own custom designs to apply directly to glass using any decorative glass technique.

    Decorative Glass Libraries

    We offer many mirror options, including satin etched mirrors and antique mirrors too. Also, perfect for enhancing a currently existing space where new glass or permanent alterations isn’t an option, our glass vinyl film is a perfect solution.

    Our etched glass collection features a wide range of options and patterns perfect for walls and partitions. Go an extra step and light up your etched glass panel with our LED edge lit glass option.

    Lastly, our large line of exclusive glass patterns offers you something unique that you won’t find elsewhere.


    Custom Glass For Your Home

    If you are looking for custom glass solutions in the home, it can help bring together your decorum and give off a luxurious vibe, letting your personality and flare be incorporated into different aspects of your house. Perfect to be included, for example, in the shower, glass door inserts, home windows which can also be stained glass, your front door, and anything else you might want.

    We offer custom glass windows for shower enclosures, showing off something different and much classier than a standard shower curtain. It will give your bathroom color, art, and outstanding decor as a focal point. It offers something new and unique that few people will have—everyone will admire and adore it when visiting your home. It will be a talking point at any occasion.

    As well as being functional in your home, our custom glass creates a visually stunning feature and amazing addition to your home you will always enjoy looking at. You can include any artwork to suit how the room is already decorated, or if you are looking to change up the room as a whole, we can incorporate the designs into your vision for the room and how you want it to feel.


    The Related Glass Supplier In China:

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading glass supplier in China for architectural and interior glass and offers a variety of tempered and laminated glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications.

    If you have any question for any type of glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com 


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