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    Circular curved glass for lift

    2023-09-26 12:38:24  News

    circular curved glass

    Curved glass and curved elements can be an essential aspect for a design or project, they can provide a feel of openness to a space, providing natural organic shapes to a space or room. Using curved glass is a fantastic way to carry on that design feature in message to all external and internal faces of the design.


    All curved glass units are made in kiln baths where the radius of the curve required is cut on water jets into metal templates, forming the shape of the glass curvature. The flat glass is placed over the metal mould and the kiln is heated very quickly, kiln goes from 1-1000 degrees in 7 minutes. Glass then forms to the space of the curve.


    Curved glass can be made in one of three distinct ways, creating three main types of curved glass, each suited for different applications:


    l  Annealed Glass Bends (non-impact resistant)

    l  Laminated Curved Glass (impact resistant)

    l  Toughened Curved Glass (impact resistant)


    Top rides in circular glass lifts made by Wallkingdon glass

    Technical masterpieces and aesthetic eye-catchers – both can be ascribed to our circular glass lifts that are installed in private homes, listed buildings as well as office buildings. Due to their location in fully glazed or filigree designed open shaft structures they offer unimpeded panoramic view.


    Radial car- and shaft doors with underlying or overlying door mechanisms have been developed by our technical engineers especially for low shaft pits. Generally, all our lift systems are produced with rope drive or hydraulic drive, depending on the structural conditions.


    Wallkingdon glass had the pleasure of working on, what could well be considered one of the most breath-taking homes in the world. This beautiful Cheshire home comes with a plethora of centerpiece attractions and eye-catching features. Premier Lift Group was tasked with fitting a circular glass lift that, in one sense, was to remain out of sight but had to be awe-inspiring in its own right.


    The lift car was to be a place of comfort and exceptional experience whilst following the client’s need for transparency. We achieved this using curved structural glass from floor to ceiling. Added to this, car push buttons were cut direct into the glass. This avoided the usual stainless steel, push button plates.


    Lighting was created using LED colour changing strip lights in both the ceiling and embedded within the curved stainless steel handrail. Bose speakers were used for the voice announcer. To keep the cabin wall design clean and simple, the emergency telephone was built into the floor of the lift.


    The added wow factor came with the lift’s floor. The glass lift floor was laminated using an exact replica of the tiling from the landing floors. However, in a cut circular section, a TV was installed where, you could watch a feed from an aquarium played underfoot. Sharks, jellyfish and tropical fish swam by underneath as you traveled. All of this came accompanied by soothing, serene-mood-inducing music.


    To create a seamless home experience, the home’s automated lighting system gets triggered by the lift’s arrival at the floor. This ensures that landing lights are always on when you arrive at your destination. These simple touches added to an elegant user experience.


    circular curved glasss Supplier

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading glass supplier in China for architectural and interior glass and offers a variety of circular curved glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications.

    If you have any question for circular curved glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

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