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    triple tempered laminated glass
    • triple tempered laminated glass

    triple tempered laminated glass

    • Other name: triple toughened laminated glass / triple laminated safety glass

    • Composition: tempered glass + pvb + tempered glass + pvb + tempered glass

    • Shape: flat and curved

    • Glass color: clear glass, acid etched glass, printed glass, blue, green, grey, bronze

    • Glass Thickness: 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm

    • PVB color: clear, white, milky white,or other pantone colors

    • PVB Thickness: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, 1.9, 2.28

    • Glass size: Maximum 8000 mm

    • Interlayer material: PVB or SGP

    • Package: exportation wood crates

    • Delivery: 7-15 days

    • Container size: LCL, 20'GP, 20'OT  

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     Triple tempered laminated glass supplier and manufacturer in China

    Triple toughened laminated glass is consisting of three panes of toughened glass and two layers of PVB or SGP film of thickness above 0.76mm. Glass and film bonded together, then compressed in autoclave to connect the glass and film firmly. Triple tempered laminated glass provide high level of protection for any forms of glass breakage. It is widely used in bank, 

    museum, goverment, villa and vaskywalk glass bridge. 


    1. Security: triple tempered laminated glass is super security that provide high level of protection of any forms of glass breakage. And broken glass is still a complete pieces stays still before replacing glass. 

    2. Sound Proof: The PVB or SGP film has a different density with glass panes, stop sound transmission. Triple laminated glass can also consist of insulated glass, to be a high efficiently sound insulation.  

    3. UV rays reduction: triple toughened laminated glass reduces 99% of UV rays that is harmful to people and objects inside of the house, like furnitures. 

    4. Fire resistance: The correspondingly configured toughened laminated glass protects against fire or bombardment. 

    5. Energy efficiency: toughened laminated glass let light in and reduce heat transmissisn at the same time. Specially when it was consisted with a reflective glass or low-e glass.

    6. Decoration: glass panes can be different colors and printing patterns, but the different interlayers are real eye-catchers. We can produce toughened laminated glass with silk, metal, feathers, grass, transparent, semi-transparent or opaque films, even printing pictures. 


    1. Glass floor

    2. Glass bridge 

    3. Glass skywalk

    4. Glass facade

    5. Glass fence

    6. Glass staircase

    7. Glass for ground floor

    8. Other glazing applications need security like bank, airport, shopping malls, jewelry counters.....

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    Maximum size: 12 meters length

    Thickness range: 12 to 65mm thickness

    Color range: transparent, semi-transparent, solid colors ( screen printing colors and designs )

    Details processing:

    Triple toughened laminated glass can be processed accurately with polished edges, safety corner, drilling holes, cut outs to assemble with different types of accessories. 

    Quality Certificates:

    1. Chinese standard ISO and GB15763.3

    2. Europe standard EN12543, E12510

    3. North American standard ANSI Z97.1

    Other popular thickness:

    8.76mm toughened laminated glass

    17.52mm tempered laminated glass

    13.52mm toughened laminated glass

    21.52mm toughened laminated glass

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