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    Digital printed Glass

    Digital ceramic in-glass printing meets complex functional performance requirements. 

    Our Digital printed glass capabilities:

    Print resolution: 


    Maximum Size: 

    3300 mm x 10000 mm

    Minimum Size: 

    200 mm x 300 mm 


    2mm -19mm 

    Image format All popular graphic formats including PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP and JPEG

    Code Compliance:

    GB/T 11944  ASTM C1172  EN1279  JIS R3205  AS/NZS4666

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    From the initial design stage, through the value engineering process, we can assist architects designers and engineers with calculating the long-term savings enabled by digital ceramic printed glass. Digital ceramic in-glass printing meets complex functional performance requirements.

    It enables control of all special elements of architectural and designed glass.









    digital printed glass 1

    ANYWHERE- Exterior and interior durability. Ceramic ink resistance after tempering is equal to glass resistance.

    ANYDESIGN- Personalized, opaque, transparent and textured-look effects. Micro-drop precision enables highly detailed, accurate photorealistic and graphic designs and gradients.

    ANYNEED- Any aesthetic requirements and a wide range of functional applications. Micro-drop precision supports light diffusion, light transmission, energy efficiency, sun control, temperature control, privacy levels and other functional requirement.

    ANYCOLOR- Multi-color printing in a single glass. Digital in-glass printing technology enables truly limitless multi-color designs with ceramic ink durability.

    ANYSIZE- From small panes to building facades, with perfect-registration multi-pane printing. Modular printer hardware and advanced printing software enable simple and flexible printing on glass panes.

    ANYCONDITIONS- Full resistance to weather and chemicals. Ceramic inks fused into the glass stand up to harsh weather conditions and are scratch and acid-resistant, ideal for exposed, high-traffic and graffiti-prone installations.

    Digital Side1 Ink

    •    Create long-lasting beauty on exterior glass surfaces with inks specially formulated for side-1 printing

    •    High chemical, scratch, and environmental resistance

    •    Reduces glare and reflection

    •    Environmental sustainability – lead and cadmium-free

    •    Complies with the most demanding architecture industry standards and requirements

    Digital Etch Ink

    Add etch effects to glass with more ease and flexibility than ever before.

    • An efficient, environmentally friendly alternative for frosted, etched, sandblasted and other effects

    • Enables versatile, detailed etch effects that provide privacy and light control

    digital printed glass 3

    Precious Metal Ink

    Enrich any design with a high-end shine.

    • Premium, gold-based inks

    • Available in bright gold and white gold (platinum shade)

    • Digital mixing creates a wide range of gold shades

    • Unique inks enable creative designs and new applications

    Slip-Resistance Ink

    Add a smooth anti-slip finish to any glass surface, indoors and out.

    • Excellent mechanical, environmental, UV, and chemical stability

    • Complies with industry standards for anti-slip coatings

    • Enables various levels of anti-slip, based on any design

    Digital printed Glass Price
    Price mainly consists of two parts, transportation and raw materials, we quote according to your specific volume and product requirements of the specifications, there are related project information consulting can also contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com


    Digital printed Glass Supplier

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading glass supplier in China for architectural and interior glass and offers a variety of digital printed glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications.If you have any question for digital printed glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

    Learn more about designing custom decorative glass to bring a stylistic flair, creative accents, and privacy into your home or business! Call today and speak to a Jones glass expert for pricing or for more information on our custom decorative glass windows, doors, and other features. Request your free estimate and a free on-site consultation on our webiste. 

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    Our Digital printed glass capabilities:

    Print resolution: 2,420dpi

    Maximum Size: 3300 mm x 10000 mm

    Minimum Size: 200 mm x 300 mm 

    Thickness: 2 mm -19mm 

    Image format All popular graphic formats including PDF, PS, EPS, Tiff, BMP and JPEG

    As the China digital printed glass supplier, Wallkingdon glass has become the leading company in China glass industry.

    Code Compliance: GB/T 11944  ASTM C1172  EN1279  JIS R3205  AS/NZS4666

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    • Digitally printed glass is a new design technology in the glazing world. The durability, precision, and limitless design possibilities make printed glass a great choice for interiors and exteriors. Glass printing combines graphic design and high-powered machinery with inkjet technology to get your design from file straight to glass. It can print any color, pattern, design on maximum 3.3m*10m glass.

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