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    Art Decorative Glass

    Wallkingdon Glass offers a wide variety of custom decorative glass styles, including textured glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, and tinted glass. Work with our designers and glaziers to design custom glass features for a number of different rooms in your home or commercial building. Decorative glass can add visual interest and varying levels of opacity for privacy or light diffusion. Our patterned glass is perfect for furniture, glass showers, privacy windows, office decor, and more.

    • Casting Glass
      Casting glass is also known as slump glass, fused glass, kiln formed glass, kiln carved glass, which is heated to a certain point of temperature in order to texture, fuse or bend it, thus creates unique patterns on the glass surface. Our casting glass can be made into special shapes, drilled, notched, laminated, painted. For tempering, depends on the patterns on the glass surface, please contact us for more details.
    • Digital printed Glass
      Digitally printed glass is a new design technology in the glazing world. The durability, precision, and limitless design possibilities make printed glass a great choice for interiors and exteriors. Glass printing combines graphic design and high-powered machinery with inkjet technology to get your design from file straight to glass. It can print any color, pattern, design on maximum 3.3m*10m glass.
    • Engraving Glass
      Engraved glass is a type of decorated glass that involves shallowly engraving the surface of a glass object, either by holding it against a rotating wheel, or manipulating a "diamond point" in the style of an engraving burin.The patterns could be customized freely.
    • Frosted Glass
      Frosted glass acid etched, also called anti fingerprint glass, opaque glass or glass etching. Its produced by acid etched the surface of the float glass, which form an obscure and smooth surface.
    • Screen printing Glass
      Glass screen printing is a technique that enables heat transfer of relatively large opaque images, patterns or prints onto different glass material surfaces.
    • Back Painted Glass
      Wallkingdon back painted glass is made by the top quality clear float or ultra-clear float glass. through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the flat and smooth surface of the glass, then by carefully baking into furnace which is constant temperature. permanently bonding the lacquer onto the glass. Wallkingdon Back Painted glass has all the features of the original float glass, but also supplied wonderful opaque and colorful decorative application.

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