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    • Although tinted and reflective glass is mostly used for the same purpose. But there are some striking differences between the two. Let’s explore the differences here. ……
      Nov 29
    • Back painted glass is a unique use of glass that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like- glass that has been painted on the back side. That way, from the front side, the glass is no longer translucent, but instead a solid col...……
      Nov 25
    • When thinking of some of the world’s most dramatic, visually breathtaking buildings, they most likely involve large expanses of glass. Before these architectural masterpieces can be created, the glass may need to be heat-treated for durability and/or safety reasons. The type of p...……
      Nov 24
    • tempered glass, normally referred to as just "tempered glass", is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. ……
      Nov 22
    • When it comes to windows, the type of glass you choose is a critical consideration.Experts estimate that 70 percent of energy loss occurs in windows and doors, and that 90 percent of window heat loss occurs through the glass.……
      Nov 18
    • Advanced technologies for printing on glass have changed the way we look at glass as a medium for interior and exterior surface design, whether for architectural, commercial, or industrial applications.……
      Nov 16
    • SentryGlas was initially developed for hurricane glass glazing applications in the United States. Made using ionoplast polymer technology, SentryGlas is chemically different from PVB (like Trosifol and Butacite), making it water resistant, clearer and stronger.……
      Nov 14
    • A favorite design detail in modernist or mid-century homes, glass partition walls are a clever way to break up spaces.Replacing internal walls with glass partition walls has many advantages.……
      Aug 19
    • The earliest guidance to be found in the literature on the question of when glass breaks out in fires comes from the Russian researcher Roytman who notes that a room gas temperature of around 300°C is needed to lead to glass breakage. The research base for this conclusion is uncl...……
      Jul 21
    • Environmentally Sustainable Glass. Glass is often referred to as a Green product, because the main component to making glass is Silica. Found in sand, Silica is considered a renewable and never ending resource.……
      Jul 04

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