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    • A collection of China design hotel room doors, doors and windows specifically designed for the hospitality sector, from residences to 5-star luxury hotels. Thanks to the experience and solidity gained as a supplier of doors and windows to large contractors, with Wallkingdon the ...……
      Jun 05
    • In the increasingly competitive market of hospitality, luxury hotels and resorts face finding ways to provide the highest-quality experience possible for their guests through opulent interior design. Frameless glass walls in hotels have become one of the most popular commercial d...……
      Jun 02
    • ​The hospitality sector has been particularly hard-hit over the past 12 months or so. With global travel restrictions and lockdowns, hotels have unfortunately been forced to operate at a reduced capacity and closed in some cases.……
      May 31
    • Hotel design evolves and develops constantly, introducing new products and materials that replace the traditional ones, and provide new experiences to modern hotel guests. The challenge for creating impressive accommodation properties grows bigger and bigger, since hotels keep th...……
      May 29
    • Architectural glass is an increasingly popular material choice for public spaces, thanks to the functional and aesthetic possibilities it provides. It’s easy to clean and maintain and can help meet a project’s sustainability goals. Plus, it can be used to create a wide range of l...……
      May 26
    • Glass partition designs come in a variety of styles, décor, frameworks, etc., that serve different commercial purposes. Glass partitions are non-load bearing panes of glass that make room dividers. They create open and airy atmospheres, typically full-height glass partition...……
      May 19
    • When selecting safety glass for an application, whether decorative or functional, two choices often arise: tempered or laminated glass. Both qualify as types of “safety glazing materials” meaning they comply with the current safety glazing codes, so they can be used indoors, in s...……
      May 17
    • The printing industry has immensely widened beyond shirts and clothes over time and almost anything can now be printed and customised. For example, glasswares, tabletops, acrylics, and even metal. In this digital age, the printing industry also jumped in the innovation train with...……
      May 15
    • When it comes to choosing glass for your business, whether you are choosing transaction windows or just normal windows, you want to keep security in mind. You want to keep both you and your employees safe during the workday and your assets safe at night when you are away. So, whi...……
      May 10
    • Whether you want to create a level of privacy at the office or are looking to add a feature wall to your home – obscure glass has an abundance of applications. Therefore making it one of the most versatile types of glass on the market. But how much do you know about obscure glass...……
      May 08

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