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    • Decorative or art glass is used on kitchen backsplashes, office partitions and doors, shower enclosures, doors, feature walls in office lobbies, and elevator waiting areas. It is used for glass railings or balustrades, table tops, desk tops, glass floors, and shelves and it is fr...……
      Sep 12
    • This option by far is the best for curved designs. The cost is on the higher end also, but the beauty curved glass gives is one of a kind. This design is one where you get what you pay for and if you’re the type of person to want to make an impression for your guest, then curved ...……
      Sep 04
    • Architectural Glass carries a wide selection of custom decorative & specialty glass to add a touch of elegance to your interior and exterior design. Unique patterns and textures can be featured in various design applications to add obscurity for privacy or for decorative use ...……
      Aug 30
    • Curved glass, also referred to as bent glass is a type of glass that’s bent into either a concave or convex shape. The shape is achieved by reheating the glass over a metal mold until it achieves the desired curvature. It is toughened and then left to cool to retain that desired ...……
      Aug 28
    • The process of deciding which skylight to install can be confusing for homeowners as they struggle to differentiate between these three options. Despite the fact that rooflights and skylights have their differences, the purpose of each is the same; to let more natural light into ...……
      Aug 22
    • Fins are used as decorative (aesthetical enrichment of the facade), functional (sunshade) and structural (stiffening and load-bearing) elements of the facade. ……
      Aug 22
    • Balcony Systems ability to Bend the railings and the glass are one of the advantages that we offer you the customer. Bending or curving usually drives the price very high on balustrades because curved glass can run very expensive and also the bending process makes it very expensi...……
      Aug 13
    • A skylight is also sometimes called a rooflight, and can be either a window or a fixed pane of glass. They function as a light-transmitting feature for daylighting and ventilation in roof space.……
      Aug 01
    • Ultimate Reflections brings you a broad selection of jumbo size glass and architectural oversized glass, perfect for commercial storefronts, facades, and a multitude of design applications. Offering an array of customization options such as single panel, clear lamination, digital...……
      Jul 31
    • In general, acoustic glass windows are made of two panes of laminated glass. It is usually two glass sheets bonded together. They have an internal layer that helps with the absorption of vibrations and sounds. Thanks to this design there is a significant reduction of the noise in...……
      Jul 21

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