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    • Today, we will unveil the magic behind one-way mirrors (also known as two-way glass or mirror). The trick is simpler than you might think. Most mirrors are made by applying a thin layer of a reflective material, aluminum in most cases, to the back of a sheet of glass. This is ...……
      Jan 25
    • Whenitcomestodesigningandbuildinganelegantglassstaircase,manyhomeownersandbuildersstruggletofindthep……
      Jan 23
    • As the name itself suggests, toughened safety glass is a structurally strong glass variant that has several applications in fenestration, standalone buildings, balustrades and doors. Toughened glass is also called safety glass because it never shatters into sharp jagged pieces up...……
      Jan 20
    • Even though technology has improved, you may have heard of a glass door suddenly breaking with a loud pop and a smashing sound. There have been many reports of windows and balconies breaking and falling from high-rise buildings in different places across the world. Though rare, t...……
      Jan 18
    • Anti-reflective glass, also known as AR glass, is a coating glass with high light transmission. We use magnetronsputtering to form an anti-reflection coating on a single surface or two surfaces of ultra-clear glass, which significantly reduces the reflectivity of the glass surfac...……
      Jan 16
    • Glass is everywhere today. We see glass in the walls of high-rise commercial buildings, in the windows of houses, in the windscreens of vehicles, around pools and as a part of doors. Then there are tumblers, fine crystal, cookware, bottles, jars, glassware, mirrors – and the lis...……
      Jan 13
    • Low-E glass, short for Low-Emissivity or Low-Emittance, contains a microscopic coating that makes a window more thermally efficient. The coating is thin, non-toxic and virtually colorless. ……
      Jan 12
    • Glass is one of the oldest materials utilized in construction. Aside from use in windows, and as transparent glazing material, it has become an increasingly popular exterior building material. ……
      Jan 09
    • Glass is a versatile material, manufactured by applying intense heat to sand or quartz. It is used in multiple industries, including construction. Glass provides a sleek, clean, and modern aesthetic when used in building facades, giving architects a wide range of design possibili...……
      Jan 06
    • There have been some very significant impacts on the glazing industry over the past year, and as we look forward to the year ahead, Jay Zhu, Technical Director at Wallkingdon glass discusses the five key trends which he believes will affect the industry. ……
      Jan 05

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