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    • There are many ways that you can use glass throughout your home to add more light and add unique design elements. However, some of the places where glass can be used throughout the home are places where homeowners don’t necessarily want the glass to be fully transparent.……
      Dec 28
    • Bent glass is a trend that has worked its way from sculptures and interior décor to becoming a major component of buildings’ exteriors. A modern, aesthetically pleasing design element, this glazing literally throws a curve into a façade, making people look twice and admire its un...……
      Dec 20
    • In this post, you will learn... What a Low-E glass window is and what makes it energy efficient The different types of Low-E coatings Which type of Low-E coating is best for your area’s climate……
      Dec 16
    • Decorative glass is relatively self-explanatory. After all, it is just that: glass that has decorative elements. We’ve included photos of some examples here.……
      Dec 15
    • Everyone loves windows. They allow light and air into your home, and in some cases they provide an emergency exit. The one thing that typical windows do not offer is privacy. ……
      Dec 12
    • The design world is constantly innovating. Keeping up with emerging trends is essential for designers. One of the areas which has seen the most creative growth in recent years is glass, an essential material for all projects. ……
      Dec 11
    • One of the major safety concerns for commercial building owners has been forced entry. While large doors and windows are essential and aesthetically valuable for such buildings, Wallkingdon glass often target these parts, which are the Achilles heel of homes and buildings.……
      Dec 07
    • Discover glass as a new medium for art and design with digital print technology and colorful ceramic ink to illuminate your design. With Wallkingdon Glass’s digital glass printing, you can print high resolution images, designs, patterns, solid colors, and logos direct to glass. ……
      Dec 05
    • Have you ever come across an appealing type of glass whose surface is not all clear but is instead translucent; you’re almost tempted to wipe it clean in the hope of restoring its clarity? The frosted glass looks a little different from the typical clear glass and finds applicati...……
      Dec 02
    • Homeowners and business owners have multiple options for choosing window glass. The type of glass they choose depends on factors such as climate control, location, construction materials, and exposure to the sun.……
      Nov 30

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