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    • In general, acoustic glass windows are made of two panes of laminated glass. It is usually two glass sheets bonded together. They have an internal layer that helps with the absorption of vibrations and sounds. Thanks to this design there is a significant reduction of the noise in...……
      Jul 21
    • Imagine what it would be like to transform that dark, gloomy spare room into a bright, sun-filled retreat by day and an indoor stellar observatory by night. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could let in all that light without needing to install windows that provide your nosy next-...……
      Jul 12
    • What’s great about today’s technology is that it allows us to push the known limits into an exciting, unknown territory. We can innovate, study and create truly life-changing designs. This is what we are starting to see in the form of curves and shapes in the field of glass archi...……
      Jul 11
    • Glass windows and doors are key in creating the drama, contrast, and views we love about our homes and cottages. They are also essential to how these spaces function: they provide thermal insulation, control light/heat transfer, and contribute to overall energy efficiency. There ...……
      Jul 08
    • Standard Glass Sizes Contemporary building projects that use insulating glass units (IGUs) in their facades typically adhere to obtaining raw float glass with a standard size of 96" x 130" (approx. 244 cm x 330 cm). A larger size, referred to as full size, of 100"...……
      Jul 04
    • Wallkingdon Ultra Clear Laminated Glass is low iron laminated glass produced with low iron flat glass. Advantages --The transparency is significantly higher, minimizing distortion of the original colors of the objects behind it. --Minimizes risks of injury due to acciden...……
      Jun 30
    • Bent and tempered glass has long been of great interest to the market. The process of creating high-quality tempered bent glass has evolved over the years. Continued research and development, the best use of the latest technology and the experience of industry experts have opened...……
      Jun 27
    • Jumbo glass, or simply Jumbo, meaning "giant, huge" is an architectural oversized glass used in modern construction. Jumbo glass sheets can reach the size of 6000 x 3210mm. This large-sized glass is used in the facade construction of translucent structures with large ap...……
      Jun 25
    • Bent glass is a trend that has worked its way from sculptures and interior décor to becoming a major component of buildings’ exteriors. A modern, aesthetically pleasing design element, this glazing literally throws a curve into a façade, making people look twice and admire its un...……
      Jun 21
    • Glass partition walls and room dividers are the modern option for dividing spaces in a home or business. They’re a wonderful product whether you’re looking to create privacy or to separate spaces while keeping the flowing ambiance of an open concept design. Let’s take a closer lo...……
      Jun 07

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