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    Pattern Glass and Decorative Glass

    2023-03-06 17:18:43  News

    Pattern Glass and Decorative Glass

    Architectural Glass carries a wide selection of distinctive pattern glass to add a touch of elegance to your interior and exterior design. Unique patterns and textures can be featured in various design applications to add obscurity for privacy or for decorative use as a primary design element.  Some common design applications include cabinet glass inserts, doors, door inserts, shower enclosures, railings and partitions, glass furniture, privacy windows, accent windows, and more. Pattern glass can be fabricated into various forms of safety glass such as insulated glass units, tempered glass, and laminated glass. All of our glass product is available in sheets or cut to size. Decorative pattern glass is becoming increasingly popular in homes, one of our experienced glass reps can show you how to utilize pattern glass in your design project.


    Decorative glass windows for bathrooms

    Brighten your bathroom with the lively hues Stained Glass Inc. has to offer. Stained glass is the perfect addition to any bathroom or powder room because it gives residents the ability to utilize natural light without risking privacy.

    Designed to endure the harsh conditions found in bathrooms, all of our stained glass work is moisture-resistant and repels mildew and mold. Additionally, all of our designs are made from shatter-resistant polymer glass for safety.

    If you want to add a splash of color and texture to your bathroom, consider installing one of Stained Glass Inc.'s custom stained glass window inserts. These single inserts can be installed over existing windows and can be customized to fit any shape or size.

    Take advantage of the privacy stained glass offers by placing a custom stained glass window directly above a bathtub. The stained glass will allow natural sunlight to stream through while blocking unwanted views from the outside. Relax and watch as your stained glass window takes on new shades of beauty as the lighting changes. Window inserts can be designed to match the theme of your bathroom decor or you can choose from our wide selection of stained glass designs.


    Benefits of Stained Glass in Bathrooms

    Ability to utilize natural sunlight without risking privacy

    Easy to clean and maintain

    Moisture and mildew resistant

    Provides a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere



    Leaders/suppliers in Architectural Decorative Glass

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leader in decorative glass by offering an extensive line of decorative glass collections, options, and products. From etched and frosted glass, to laminated, back painted, and more.

    About Our Decorative Glass

    With a wide range of decorative glass collections, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pattern, style, and decorative glass product for your design. Each of our collections are completely customizable and offer you the ability to adjust patterns, colors, gradients, and opacities to achieve your design vision. You can even supply your own custom desins to apply directly to glass using any decorative glass technique.

    Decorative Glass Libraries

    Our decorative glass library features colorful Declorlite back-painted glass and Vivi Color laminated glass, as well as Couture fabric, Etama wood, and laminated glass patterns.

    We offer many mirror options, including satin etched mirrors and antique mirrors too. Also, perfect for enhancing a currently existing space where new glass or permanent alterations isn’t an option, our glass vinyl film is a perfect solution.

    Our etched glass collection features a wide range of options and patterns perfect for walls and partitions. Go an extra step and light up your etched glass panel with our LED edge lit glass option.

    Lastly, our large line of exclusive glass patterns offers you something unique that you won’t find elsewhere.

    If you have any question for any type of glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com.

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