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    • Tempered glass is often used in applications where using standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken. This is important, because it can greatly minimize potential danger in the cas...……
      Jan 12
    • Window tint provides safety because windows that have had window tint applied to them can actually hold broken glass together and keep it from becoming airborne in an accident, which protects those inside from being injured. Offers protection from the glare of the sun, as well as...……
      Jan 11
    • Screen printing on glass can enhance the uses and value of glass, making this ubiquitous, practical, and durable material into a versatile “canvas” for a wide range of mass-imaging industrial, commercial, and architectural applications.……
      Jan 10
    • Not only does fritted glass help reduce glare, cut cooling costs, and lower the danger to birds, it can also give the exterior a distinctive look with patterns ranging from simple shapes and gradients to intricate designs. Discover how some of the world’s top architects, from Fra...……
      Jan 04
    • Glass printing has long been instrumental in creating a wide range of aesthetic and functional architectural and industrial designs. For buildings, the applications for glass printing range from full structure facades, to interior banisters, wall partitions, shower walls, and sma...……
      Dec 28
    • As tough as flat tempered glass, multi-curved glass have an excellent performance in appearance and functionality. Test also shows that the glass would break into granular pieces when hit by external force; therefore, it's safe to use in construction.……
      Dec 27
    • Advanced technologies for printing on glass have changed the way we look at glass as a medium for interior and exterior surface design, whether for architectural, commercial, or industrial applications.……
      Dec 24
    • Curved glass gives architects and designers freedom to create aesthetically pleasing curved glazed facades where straightness, corners and edges can be enhanced with soft curves. These curves can be in the form of simple cylindrical shapes to the more complex 3D free form shapes.……
      Dec 23
    • Insulated glass is a special kind of glass that features two panes separated by an inert gas. The layer of gas works to diffuse heat transfer, which means your home stays cool if you want it cools or heated if you want it warm. When the temperature inside can remain steady, it’s ...……
      Dec 17
    • Silk-screened ceramic enamel frit products offer building designers exciting and different ways to customize exterior and interior glass, by using standard and custom screened patterns in a variety of colors. Silk-Screened glass is offered monolithically, in insulating glass unit...……
      Dec 15

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