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    What Is Curved Glass?

    2022-11-17 16:14:05  News

    Different from normal flat glass,curved glass has special shape.After heating the pre-processed float glass (cutting and grinding to the required size)  to the softening temperature, and then relying on glass weight or external force to make the glass into a non-planar shape that matches the mold in various specific molds. annealing process is followed to form glass final strength.

    Based on the production methods and features,curved glass can be classified into hot bending glass,and heat treated curved glass.


    Curved glass Production methods:

    Hot bending glass,is produced with hot bending machine,glass will be heated to softening point,form the required shape with mould and cooling down in room temperature

    As there’s no fasting cooling down process,hot bending glass strength is same as float glass,meanwhile the glass can be made into any shape based on the different mould,It’s widely used in interior glass tables,glass shelves,glass cabinets .

    Different from hot bending glass tempered curved glass heating and cooling process is finished with tempering furnace.The fast heating and fast cooling process will form compressive stress on glass surface.

    When the glass is subject to external force,the surface stress is been counteract first to improve the bearing capability and enhance the glass strength.

    Curved glass processed with tempering furnace can be heat strengthened,toughened ,and heat soaked,the only difference between flat tempered glass is just the shape.

    Tempered curved glass can be divided into longitudinal bending and lateral bending.

    Lateral bending,the glass max height is the tempering furnace width,finished glass are used for shower doors,house appliance etc where has high appearance requirement.

    Compared with lateral bending,as the contact area between roller squeezer and glass is much bigger,longitudinal bending furnace radius is always bigger than laternal ones,and the bending effect is not good as well.

    Curved glass application:

    Curved tempered glass has below features:

    Various glass substrates optionClear,Low iron,tinted glass,acid etched,low-E coated glass.

    Silk screen,digitally printing process can be applied on glass surface to add extra design element.

    Curved glass can further been processed into laminated curved glassto offer extra acoustic ,UV protection,and safety function.

    Curved glass can further been processed into insulated curved glasspanels to offer extra thermal insulation performance.

    Curved glass gives architects and designers freedom to create aesthetically pleasing curved glazed facades where straightness, corners and edges can be enhanced with soft curves. These curves can be in the form of simple cylindrical shapes to the more complex 3D free form shapes.

    Types of Curved Glass:

    Curved glass can be used in three different forms depending on the requirement of the building. 

    Curved annealed glass: This type of curved glass is commonly used for aesthetic purposes and is not meant to withstand harsh conditions, thereby the use of safety glass is minimal in the manufacture of curved annealed glass. Some of the common applications of curved annealed glass are in shop showcases and windows. The special feature of this glass is that it has a high-quality glass sheet with good optical clarity. Since the glass is not toughened it can be readily bent, cut, and polished. 

    Curved toughened glass: This kind of curved glass is strong and shock-resistant. In this process the annealed glass is initially heated to 700°C and cooled rapidly, this then strengthens the glass. But since the glass has already been toughened, it cannot be altered, cut, or sandblasted. Curved toughened glass is commonly used in interiors, staircases, and cabins. 

    Laminated glass: This is the toughest glass among the curved glasses. Here, two glass layers are permanently bonded to give the final piece. Even when the glass breaks, the pieces stay within the lamination and do not spread around. This safety feature of laminated glass is the top reason it is commonly used in the automobile industry. Laminated glass is often used in windshields and backlights.  

    Glass industries are now able to customize bent glass to the measurements you require. Curved glass has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique appearance. Advanced technology now makes it easy to develop bent glass and hence they are not only used in the exteriors of a building but are also used in building interiors.

    Glass bending and framing technologies have advanced to a great extent, and now it has become easy to develop bold glass structures. 

    Wallkingdon Glass provides first-class products and services to exceed customer expectations. No matter what your project needs—from external high-rise windows to large-capacity glass in storefronts or showrooms, please contact us through the following ways: enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

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