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    Double / Multi-Surface Curved Glass

    2022-11-17 16:13:33  News

    As tough as flat tempered glass, multi-curved glass have an excellent performance in appearance and functionality. Test also shows that the glass would break into granular pieces when hit by external force; therefore, it's safe to use in construction.

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    Multi-curved glass Features:

    1) Aesthetic: Mufti-curved tempered glass is adaptable, satisfying architects' vision of architecture to the greatest extent and turning their creative design into real buildings.

    2) Safety: Mufti-curved tempered glass has the same feature as regular tempered glass. When hit by an external force, the glass will break into honeycomb-shaped fragments rather than knife-shaped pieces to avoid serious harm to the human body and property; therefore, it is called safety glass.

    3) High intensity: The impact resistance of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass in the same thickness, and the resistance against bending is 3-5 times that of untempered glass.

    4) Thermal stability: Tempered glass excellent thermal stability and can withstand a temperature difference of 300°C, three times regular float glass.

    5) Adaptability: Based on single mufti-curved tempered glass, we can make composite architectural glass by adding ceramic fritting, colored glaze, laminating, insulating, and other processing procedures.

    Application Scenarios:

    Multi-curved tempered/heat-strengthened glass is widely used in facades, curtain walls, lighting ceilings, sightseeing elevators, and unique-shaped buildings. We can also make composite glass products such as laminated, hollow/insulating, and patterned glass to meet various construction needs.

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    Production Capacity Of Multi Curved Glass

    Multi-surface Curved Tempered Glass

    Glass thickness (mm)


    Max size (mm)



    Min size (mm)


    Radius & Arch (mm)


    *Please note: Our company can make various shapes of multi-curved tempered/heat-strengthened glass based on customers' requirements, such as irregular quadrilateral, pyramid, Ω-shaped, S-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped, irregular cylinder, semicircle, sphere, etc. Feel free to consult us for more details.

    Quality Standard Of Multi Curved Glass

    GB/T 15763.2
    ASTM C 1048
    ASTM C 1464
    EN 1863
    EN 12150

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    Wallkingdon Glass provides first-class products and services to exceed customer expectations. No matter what your project needs—from external high-rise windows to large-capacity glass in storefronts or showrooms, please contact us through the following ways: enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

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