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    Comparison Between Tinted and Reflective Glass

    2022-11-30 17:49:07  News

    Although tinted and reflective glass is mostly used for the same purpose. But there are some striking differences between the two. Let’s explore the differences here. 


    The Comparison – Tinted Glass VS Reflective Glass


                  Tinted Glass

                Reflective Glass


    A tint is added to the glass during the manufacturing process.

    It is a surface coating.


    It is available in a variety of color options. Every color offers different benefits.

    It only has a mirror-like appearance. No variations are available.


    It has a color pigmentation so the glass appears as if it is colored.

    It has a reflective mirror-like appearance.


    It looks the same from the building’s interior as well as exterior.

    The glass has mirror-like properties on the outside only. It looks like the standard see-through glass from the building interior.


    It is more extensively used in interior applications like glass walls, partitions, and stair railings.

    Due to the difference in appearance from the inside and outside, reflective glass finds more applications in building facades and exteriors.


    It is available at a reasonable price.

    Reflective glass costs more than tinted glass.

    What is Tinted Glass?

    In tinted glass, small amounts of metal oxide tints are added to the glass during the float process to spread the color evenly across the glass sheet. Tint coating can also be applied over clear glass. There are different color options for glass tinting. Each color is used to achieve a different purpose. The intensity of tinting can be controlled according to the user’s requirements. 


    Benefits of Tinted Glass 

    Tinting the window glass is a common practice in homes to achieve the desired results. Some of the major benefits that drive users to tint their windows and doors are as follows. 

    1.Lower the Energy Consumption 

    Windows and doors account for 90% of the heat gain. Massive, right!

    Tinting is done to minimize heat gain. Tinted window glass absorbs the heat of the sun and allows only the light to flow through the interior. This lowers the energy consumption to lower the interior temperature and you can ultimately save money on energy bills. Due to this reason, designers are actively using tinted glass in commercial buildings. The homeowners are also following the trend. 

    2.Easy To Clean And Maintain 

    Tinted glass is resistant to water marks and scratches which makes It quite easy to clean and maintain tinted glass. Moreover, due to the tint, the stains and marks are not so easy to spot. You can easily wipe the glass clean with a piece of cloth and some soap and water solution. 

    3.Protection Against Harmful Radiation 

    UV radiation is not only responsible for carpet fading and furniture discoloration but are also harmful to human health. Tinted window glass is a terrific option for blocking the sun’s rays. It protects the furniture as well as your health against the hazardous effects of UV rays. You can sit beside a tinted window on a sunny day without worrying about the hazards of the rays of the sun. 

    4. More Privacy

    Tinted glass not only blocks the sun’s rays but also breaks the direct view into the interior space. Thus creating an effective spell of privacy. It is the most aesthetic way of keeping a check on your home privacy. For this very reason, tinted window glass is also widely employed in offices, malls, and commercial spaces.

    5. Unparalleled Curb Appeal

    Tinted window glass makes the front elevation of your house stand out almost immediately. It adds a flavor of your personality to the house structure and gives it a more creative touch. 

    6. Enhances Property Value

    Consider installing tinted windows if you intend to sell your house. It is a quick and simple technique to boost the value of your house. It costs a good sum of money to modify your home structurally, change the architecture, or even just paint it. However, just by tinting your windows, you can give an architectural boost to the home structure along with an unmatched visual appeal.

    7. Reduced Glare 

    The glare on the TV and laptop screen puts needless strain on the eyes. You can simply avoid the glare by tinting the window glass. Tinted windows cut down on glare while also letting the natural light into your house. So it’s the perfect way to deal with glare. 


    Applications of Tinted Glass

    Owing to the number of benefits, colored glass is widely used in different applications. Here is a brief view of some of its major applications. 

    Windows and Doors

    Tinted glass is used in windows and doors to achieve a more opulent look. It highlights the windows and doors as the statement features of the building and adds to the curb appeal. 

    Building Facades 

    Glass is preferably used in commercial buildings to add a more refined look to the structure. It also works wonders for energy efficiency, so it’s a preferred choice for building facades. 


    Skylights are constantly exposed to sunlight. Tinted glass is a good option here as it offers the required aesthetics and lowers the heat gain. 

    Display Cabinets And Other Furniture

    Interior furnishings like cabinets, tabletops, and wardrobes feature tinted glass to add an artsy feel to the interior. 

    Glass Walls And Partitions

    Interior elements like glass walls, storage shelves and partitions usually feature tinted glass to ensure privacy as well as visual appeal. 


    What is Reflective Glass?

    A thin layer of metal or metal oxide is coated on one side of the standard glass sheet to achieve reflective glass. This coating is sprayed on one side while the other side of the glass is transparent like the standard glass. Reflective glass is beneficial in blocking the damaging UV and infrared rays. 


    Benefits of Reflective Glass

    Reflective window glass is an effective invention. It has many architectural and aesthetic benefits. Let’s explore some. 

    1.Energy Efficiency

    Reflective glass reflects the UV rays that are responsible for the heat gain while allowing seamless transmission of sunlight. Thus supporting the HVAC system in maintaining a moderate interior temperature. The stress on the thermal regulation system is reduced, resulting in lower energy consumption. 

    2.Aesthetic Excellence 

    The reflective glass has a mirror effect that radiates its exceptional brilliance. The glossy finish gives the structure an ultra-posh look.  

    3.Adequate Flow of Light

    Reflective glass allows you to maximize natural daylight. The uninterrupted transmission of light through the reflecting glass lowers your dependence on artificial lighting systems. Thus reducing the energy bills to a great extent. You can cherish daylong bright and cheery rooms.

    4. Ideal Privacy Solution

    Reflective glass totally blocks the interior view. The onlookers can only look at their own image in the reflection. While the people inside the building can seamlessly enjoy the outside view without worrying about the outsiders looking at them.

    5. Glare Management 

    Reflective glass lowers solar glare by reflecting a substantial percentage of harmful sunlight. Moreover, reflecting glass diffuses the light falling on it eliminates the issues of glare, and evenly spreads the diffused light throughout the area. 


    Which One Is The Best?

    Both tinted and reflective glass are a great addition to the various types of glass available today. They add some fine aesthetics to the building while elevating the practical worth of the structure. However, considering the ease of installation, durability, and cost factor, tinted glass emerges as the better option here. It is a simple yet effective way of achieving the absolute best aesthetic and functional benefits. So go ahead, invest in tinted glass and give your house a face-lift in the most cost-efficient manner. 


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