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    What is SentryGlas Plus interlayer?

    2022-11-16 16:44:26  News

    What is SentryGlas?

    SentryGlas was initially developed for hurricane glass glazing applications in the United States. Made using ionoplast polymer technology, SentryGlas is chemically different from PVB (like Trosifol and Butacite), making it water resistant, clearer and stronger.

    SentryGlas® (SG5000)– interlayer is stronger and more rigid than conventional laminating materials, creating safety glass that protects against storms, impacts, and blasts. The interlayers become an engineered component within the glass, holding more weight, so the glass can serve as a more active structural element in the building envelope, increasing framing system design freedom. SentryGlas® is less susceptible to moisture, weathering, and edge defects than other interlayers.

    SentryGlas® XTRA™ (SGX™) (SG6000)– interlayer sheet offers improved adhesion to the air side of glass without requiring an adhesion promoter. SGX™ optical performance and haze formation are much less sensitive to the autoclave cooling rate. The lower haze makes producing very thick laminates of outstanding optical quality easy to achieve. SGX™ complies with global safety glazing codes ANSI Z97.1, EN14449, EN12543, EN12600, EN356 and Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). Properly laminated and installed, SGX™ laminates of 2.53 mm caliper have been tested and pass the large missile impact test per ASTM E 1996.


    Structural Glazing– Structural interlayer helps architects and glazed building system manufacturers meet society’s need for greater security, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and safety requirements. It helps architects do more with less, creating innovative new spaces, while providing greater protection for occupants. SentryGlas® improves longterm weather resistance of laminated glass systems.


    Safety & Security Glazing– Interlayers are used in a broad range of safety and security applications to offer protection. When designing security glass for bullet and blast resistant buildings or vehicles, SentryGlas® will help let light in and keep trouble out.


    Decorative Glazing– There are many ways to decorate laminated safety glass using SentryGlas®  interlayer by embedding a metal mesh or metallized PET fabric or by printing on a PVB interlayer.


    Transportation– SentryGlas® interlayers help build lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient vehicles that withstand harsh climate conditions while ensuring passenger safety. 

    Tech Tip– SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers help create safety glass that protects against bigger storms, larger impacts and more powerful blasts. SentryGlas® is 5 times tougher, up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. See the technical bulletin on ballistics-resistant glazing compositions.

    Applications of SentryGlas:

    • Hurricane  or storm glazing

    • Transportation  glazing, architectural and structural glazing

    • Butt  joint exterior glazing—enclosures, podiums

    • Bolted  and point supported glass—facades, curtainwalls

    • Exposed  edge glass—balusters, edge wings

    • Ballistic and forced entry glass—ASTM,  UL, and NIJ constructions

    • Structural  load bearing glass—stairs, flooring, walkways, canopies


    SGP's advantages:

    Exposed Edges - SentryGlas® outperforms conventional PVB in edge stability testing, making it the ideal choice for exposed exterior edges (canopies, railing glass and point supported walls). With SentryGlas® Plus, edge stability numbers (ESNs) continue to be zero at all known installations, including 7-year test panels exposed to severe heat and humidity.

    SentryGlas® Plus is 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional interlayers, allowing for thinner make ups with equal or greater strength. In stairs, flooring and overhead glazing, laminated glass made with SentryGlas® Plus performs like engineering materials, with outstanding post-breakage resistance to creep and collapse (far left photo).


    Security - SentryGlas® Plus provides prolonged physical attack and burglary resistance with 5 times the tear strength and 100 times the rigidity of conventional PVB Interlayer's. SGP provides greater security from a range of threats than any other traditional laminated glass.


    Hurricane-Resistance  Because SentryGlas® Plus is stiffer and harder to tear than conventional laminate interlayer's it can withstand greater impacts. In post-breakage wind cycle testing, hurricane glass made with SentryGlas® Plus lasts longer and maintains building protection long after alternative laminated safety glass has failed.

    SentryGlas® Plus is available in both a UV transmitting option and as a traditional UV blocking interlayer. Unlike most laminate interlayer technologies, DuPont™ SentryGlas® requires no UV protection for lasting strength and clarity. Therefore, SentryGlas® can be made in a specialty, high-UV transmittance sheet, extremely useful when designing controlled environments for many life species (plants, insects, fish, and reptiles).


    Clarity - SentryGlas® Plus structural interlayers are significantly clearer than traditional PVB interlayer's. By combining low-iron glass and SentryGlas® Plus interlayers architects and designers can achieve a laminated glass product with near invisibility. SentryGlas® Plus not only starts clear, it stays clear with a yellowness Index (YI) starting at 1.5 (versus 6 to 12 for conventional interlayer's) and SentryGlas® Plus keeps it's clarity after years of service.

    SentryGlas price
    Price mainly consists of two parts, transportation and raw materials, we quote according to your specific volume and product requirements of the specifications, there are related project information consulting can also contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

    SentryGlas supplier

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading glass supplier in China for architectural and interior glass.

    We have SentryGlas certification who is capable to produce the glass with Sentry Glas Interlayer for safety, security, visual and functional applications. If you have any question for Sentry Glas interlayer, pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

    Wallkingdon Glass provide topnotch products and services to exceed our customers' expectations. With the precious inputs and creativity from designing experts, our high quality glass products allow clients to have cost effective solutions while keeping quality to highest level. Our products are strictly in accordance with the standard of BS/EN, AS/NZS, ASTM,ANSI and etc.

    Our main glass products are laminated glass, insulation glass, low-E glass, SentryGlas, digital printed glass, multi-curved glass and etc.

    As the China SentryGlas glass -professional supplier, Wallkingdon glass has become the leading company in China glass industry.  


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