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    The Challenge Of Digital Printed Glass

    2022-12-05 17:24:37  News

    Discover glass as a new medium for art and design with digital print technology and colorful ceramic ink to illuminate your design. With Wallkingdon Glass’s digital glass printing, you can print high resolution images, designs, patterns, solid colors, and logos direct to glass. Our state-of-the-art printer utilizes brilliant ceramic inks and prints at 1440 DPI.


    Digital glass printers used in ceramic printing comes in the form of flatbed digital printers. These are designed with the print heads to jet the ceramic inks onto the glass in a direct manner. The glass remains in the same place and the printer carriage moves across the print table. The droplets of ink dry instantly to stop the drop gain. The ink fixation helps the print carriage to make a single pass even when it prints multi-color and multi-layer files. This drop fixation makes possible double vision printing. The double vision is the creation of a different vision which is dependent on the viewer standing on each side of the glass. The inline dryer was developed to make this possible. Color switching systems are included so that operators of the machine could shift between the print jobs.



    The glass is radically different from fabric or paper as it is transparent and non-absorbent. The digital printing technology used is crafted to adapt to challenges brought forward by the characteristics of the glass itself. The first printing on glass was made possible by silk screen printing in 1907. The process of screen printed transfers gained popularity during the 1930s. Modern technology is now in the form of UV pinning and using curable inks. This method enabled complex digital printing on glass. The only problem was that the UV curable inks do not fuse with the glass. Ceramic inks do and thus can be used in architectural glass and automotive glass applications.


    Ceramic printing on glass involves the firing or tempering of the glass to fuse inks with glass. The extreme temperatures involved with this process means an inevitable organic additive decomposition along with the ink binders. The ceramic frit then fuses with the substrate and the pigments. The voids are then expelled to result in a compacted structure. The result is a surface formed with all the desired properties. A successful process will make a bubble-less layer of homogenous pigment dispersion and constant ceramic thickness within the concerned glass.




    Fast lead times, high quality, and unlimited design options

    Prints are durable, scratch resistant, and fade-proof

    1440 dpi print quality

    Print on a variety of specialty glass products in our inventory

    Over 1200 color combinations

    Control the opacity of your print

    Glass can be laminated or back painted after the printing process



    Cabinet Glass

    Art installations



    Doors (Interior/exterior door panels, shower doors, Barn, doors)

    Elevator interiors

    Glass tables


    Stained glass window replications



    Wall art

    And much more!




    We offer several digital ceramic printers in a wide range of prices and features to meet your needs and budget. The material cost to produce finished ceramic decals is only about 6 cents per square inch! We include all training, necessary materials, and equipment to help you create beautiful pieces of art to last a lifetime. We even offer financing options to help start your ceramic digital printing business at minimal out-of-pocket expense.



    Our digital glass printing utilizes state of the art digital printing technology to print directly to glass using our specially formulated ceramic inks. The print is permanently fused into the glass during the tempering process making the printed glass highly durable. Digital glass printing can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications. At Wallkingdon Glass, we help architects, interior designers, glass retailers, contractors, and glaziers bring their vision to life with glass. You can submit a ready to print file, choose from any of our stock prints, or have the Wallkingdonglass design team start from scratch. Our in-house design team will assist you with graphic design and project management support for your project. We work with small to large projects of all types, for a variety of industries.



    You can create your own personalized ceramic products with our digital ceramic printers and toners. Produce beautiful pieces with unsurpassed quality of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.Products created with our ceramic printers will last for generations without worry about peeling or fading.



    Our digital ceramic printing systems and toners are some of the most environmentally friendly in the industry. Our unique toners eliminate harsh organic solvents or other liquid waste generated by other ceramic systems. In addition, the entire creation process is easy; you don’t need screens, films or mass production processes to create your own unique and individual works of art. You get higher image resolution and lower production cost in less time and near zero environmental impact. Enjoy the freedom of creating your own high-quality ceramic and glass products using nearly any artwork!

     If you have any question for digital printed glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

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