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    Curved glass railing design

    2023-09-04 14:08:07  News

    Curved Glass Railing

    This option by far is the best for curved designs. The cost is on the higher end also, but the beauty curved glass gives is one of a kind. This design is one where you get what you pay for and if you’re the type of person to want to make an impression for your guest, then curved glass is for you. There is truly nothing like it and it is breath taking. Curved glass is custom ordered, so you must be patient with delivery time. 


    Curved tempered glass railings, wallkingdon glass can create a very special feature in the office space or family home. There are different approaches to fixing these particular types of railing. Where the railing is being installed to protect against falling, safety and security is always our first point of analysis.


    One of the key aspects to the successful completion of a project involving contoured railings is the initial design. The second stage, as vital as the first, is the precise assembly of the structure. What usually makes the difference between a successful of unsuccessful installation is know-how, and our vast experience in the installation of many different types of glass railing makes it the forerunner in this field.

    Various types of contoured glass railings can be mounted on point fixings, with stainless steel fixtures having adjustable spacers to overcome radial deviations of the surface they are be mounted upon. Although technically difficult to achieve, this solution is the most spectacular.


    Another example of a rail fixing solution is where the profile itself is moulded so that it precisely replicates the curvature of the concrete surface it is to be mounted upon. However, there are very few situations where the radius of curvature is constant throughout the site, requiring such a profile. These types of rolled profiles can be vertically mounted as well as on the floor. Concrete casting is a process in which all the details can not be controlled, so that the edges are usually irregular and do not meet the radius required in the project.


    Curved Glass Stairs – Luxury and shining Stairs Solutions

    As experts in curved glass creations and custom curved glass staircases we are happy to introduce some of our most popular curved glass staircases designs. We design the curved glass railings with toughened glass panels and use tempered glass panels for stairs too. Furthermore we use the best engineering to enhance the elegance of glass producing glass stairs with led lights.


    Luxor Stairs Corniche El Nile

    Modern helical staircases with curved glass railing and glass steps, stainless steel stringers. Exclusive elegance and engineering for Glass Grand Design Stairs.

    The engineers designed this staircase with boxed internal stringer to wrap around the existing concrete column, which is a structural element of the building. The internal stringer acts as a support for the frameless glass railing but also for the entire stairway.  The external glass railing is fixed to steps supports and it has a stainless steel handrail fixed to the side of glass.


    The treads are in toughened laminated frosted glass fixed to stainless steel tubular supports. All fixings are in stainless steel. The landing balustrade both at ground floor and first floor is in frameless glass. It has stainless steel rails fixed to floor to match the staircase design.


    Supplier for curved glass railing.

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading glass supplier in China for curved glass railings and offers a variety of Multi-curved glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications.


    If you have any question for all types of glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com

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