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    2023-08-13 23:47:26  News

    Glass is often the material of choice for designers who seek an elegant transparent, yet sturdy, building material. The latest designs for curved glass railings used in guards or handrails incorporate glass that has been strengthened and then laminated for safety. These railings become the centerpiece of an interior space.  

    Here’s a look at two outstanding projects.

    Cost Effective Bending

    Balcony Systems ability to Bend the railings and the glass are one of the advantages that we offer you the customer. Bending or curving usually drives the price very high on balustrades because curved glass can run very expensive and also the bending process makes it very expensive. However, we offer our systems at a good price even when curved.

    Technical Limitations

    Radius Limitation

    Each project is made to the exact radius required for that job, and we can curve balustrades to an array of radii. There is however minimum radii which we consider the lower limit. That limit would be 1500mm (1.5 metres) to the inside of the handrail.

    Anything with a smaller (tighter) radius than that we will tend to reject. It is not that it is impossible to make smaller radii, however with going tighter on the radius come other issues. The reasons we do not like to deal with smaller radii is:

    1. The glass becomes a lot more problematic on smaller radii. The glass will always have a bit of a straight edge, so the smaller the radius the more the straight edge becomes a problem when installing.

    2. The other is usually small radii are much more difficult to bend and will have a larger distortion factor. The results will not be as good as larger radii. We are happy to look at any enquiry that does require smaller bends and evaluate the job itself.

    Types of glasses

    Almost all glass types that can be supplied in flat glass can be supply curved for radiused balconies. From the standard 10mm Clear, through the tinted options and including opaque and laminated glasses.

    Enhance Your Glass Project with Bent Glass Design

    Your glass project has the ability to become a curved glass masterpiece with the help of Wallkingdon Glass . Our glass can be used for a wide variety of architectural glass projects including skylights, doors, windows, and interior designs. If you’re looking to obtain glass that will be aesthetic and give you the benefit of safety, exterior noise reduction, and more, contact us at 86-19512160054 today! 

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