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    What Is Hurricane Resistant Glass?

    2022-11-16 14:50:11  News

    A home is where you feel safe and protected from any storm that may strike. And the glazing system makes up hurricane-proof windows and doors, ensuring your home is safe from strong winds. It can either be laminated or fitted with a frame to prevent gales from penetrating the sanctity of your home. It is installed with a material similar to plastic between two glass panes. The layers on the outside may shatter, but the panel in between will remain intact when a hurricane strikes.

    Recommended Thickness Of The Best Impact Glass For Windows And Doors


    Impact-resistant windows and doors have two different categories. One is merely laminated glass while the other is insulated laminated glass. You will notice that laminated glass consists of two glass panes sealed together with an interlayer of a polymer. This interlayer is added to strengthen the glass and make it durable. On the other hand, impact windows and doors made out of insulated laminated glass are a system that has an air space between two panes of glass. Argon is usually used to fill the vacuum. On one side is a hurricane impact glass and on the other is secure tempered glass. The ideal thickness of a hurricane resistant glass or impact glass is determined by the location of your house. The nearer you are to coast al areas, the greater the risk is of a hurricane. Therefore, if you are residing near the beach, the glass windows and doors should be thicker. It is important to know that there is not much difference between the level of impact thick and thin glass panes can endure. However, the standard thickness of glass panes is 5/16 or 7/16 inches. Thus, the installation of impact-resistant windows and doors of that very thickness will be a wise decision.

    Hurricane Proof Windows And Sliding Glass Door


    Want to save up on heating and cooling costs in your home? Hurricane impact glass is a definite solution to this. All you need to do is replace your windows and doors with this type of glass to ensure that the temperature inside your home is consistent. In summers, the impact glass will keep the heat out and insulate the interior during winters. Thus, they will be a durable and energy-efficient addition to your property. Hurricane resistant glass also offers a variety of styles. A popular choice of these is the glass sliding door. It brings out an aesthetic look in your home while being structurally sound. You will also have the option of choosing different colors and finishes that will beautify your space. Additionally, installing hurricane proof windows and doors will ensure that your house meets the safety codes in hurricane-prone localities. They not only provide protection from strong winds but, robberies and external noises as well. And when strong winds start blowing and cause debris to spread, you will be safe and snug inside the four walls of your home.

    Hurricane Proof Windows For Commercial Buildings And Home Projects


    Global warming has made it difficult to predict weather conditions as efficiently as before. Though hurricane protocols are in place, there is nothing wrong with you being extra secure. Various businesses and homeowners are readily using impact glass for windows and doors for their properties. These windows guarantee protection from strong hurricane winds to an extent. They have the ability to ensure that when a hurricane strike, you will have sturdy and shatterproof glass keeping the wind out. Additionally, impact glass for windows and doors offers insulation during the cold weather and allow you to save on cooling and heating costs. Because they are blast-resistant, they will protect you from any external attack. Moreover, they discourage robbers and thieves from hitting your workplace or home space. Impact glass is sleek, classy, and beautifies your space. it also keeps you safe from any loud noises distracting you when trying to meet deadlines or sleep. It may be costly, but hurricane impact glass will more than makeup for its expenses in the long run. It is an investment-worthy of your finances.

    Advantages Of Using Impact-Resistant Glass


    • Though they are not shatterproof, they withstand strong winds. If they break, they will not send out flying shards of glass that could injure you.

    • They can survive cold winds that blow up to 200 mph and keep you safe.

    • The glass panes are available in a variety of styles and patterns. What else? They come in several colors and finishes that may appeal to you.

    • If you live near a busy street or a market, you can add impact-resistant glass for maximum security. It will also provide you with insulation from external noises.

    • It will help pave the way for a healthy lifestyle by filtering at least 99% of the UV rays entering your home.

    • You can also reduce the insurance costs incurred by approximately 45%.

    • The textured glass panes will give your home a sophisticated look. It will enhance the ambiance of your property and give it a modern makeover.

    • Though the glass panes can be expensive, adding them to your property will add to its value. Moreover, the benefits that you will be able to reap from impact-resistant glass will cover its costs in the long run.

    Type Of Glass Used In Impact-Resistant Windows

    Laminated Glass:Laminated glass is the more popular one out of the two. Even the windshield of your car is made from this glass. However, laminated glass that you will install at your space for protection from hurricanes will be thicker and consists of a unique film of the interlayer.


    Insulated Laminated Glass: It is much like a double glazed window. Sturdy glass panes on each side create airspace to preserve gas, mainly argon. You may find this type of glass a bit more expensive, but it is more energy-efficient as well. Hurricane impact windows and doors will help reduce your heater and air conditioning bills by regulating the temperature conditions inside your home.


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