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    Safety Glass: Anti-Bandit/Explosion-resistant/bullet-resistant

    2022-11-16 14:52:57  News

    Wallkingdon glass focuses on safety glass processing, especially on laminated glass processing. In addition to China 3C certification, we have also obtained professional certifications internationally, such as SGCC(US), CE (European Union) and SAI(Australia).On the basis of meeting the basic safety needs, we developed laminated glass with more complex structure, more safety and stronger protection, such as anti-bandit, bullet resistant glass, etc., to be suitable for places with higher security needs, such as financial field, luxury stores.

    Bullet-resistant glass Introduction

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    Bullet-resistant glass is a transparent material with light and image transmittance as well as certain bullet-resistant ability. Its bullet-resistant principle is that glass converts the impact kinetic energy of bullets into elastic potential energy of glass and the surface energy after breaking, so as to achieve the purpose of bullet-resistant.

    Bullet-resistant glass is developed from laminated glass. People use synthetic resin with good performance to manufacture laminated glass, such as polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is widely used in the manufacture of laminated glass and bullet-resistant glass.

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    Wallkingdon Glass continue to research and develop bullet-resistant glass. Aiming at the use environment of bullet-resistant glass and the impact and damage it may suffer. We developed bullet-resistant glass with higher bullet-resistant ability, smaller volume and lower weight.

    Such as the high-performance ionic interlayer, Sentry Glas (SGP), which replace plies or even all of PVB interlayer  And Polycarbonate (PC board) combine with laminated glass. PC is the strong plastic material. And PC can prevent the bullets continue to penetrate, even if it through the glass layer, as well as avoid the glass splashes after the damage.

    Also we schedule the plies arrangement according to ballistics, to adapt the potential damage in difference scene.

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    Based on our continuous product test, there are three categories of bullet-resistant glass for different customer groups.

    For economical basic bullet-resistant requirements. We can use the bullet-resistant glass that CPET splash-proof film pasting on PVB laminated glass. This is simple for processing and the glass can get the most basic security protection.     

    And the bullet-resistant glass of PVB laminated glass combining PC board. Since PC material with a high toughness, it can absorb a lot of bullet energy, bullet-resistant ability is greatly improved. By adjusting the overall thickness of bullet-resistant glass, it can be applied to most security scenes.

    For high requirements scenes, we recommend the use of SGP laminated glass combining PC board. SGP laminated glass greatly improves the impact resistance under the same thickness of PVB laminated glass. This combination has strong bullet-resistant ability, and also with the high strength and high light transmittance. And the performance of anti-bandit which extended the time of burglar invasion is also excellent.

    People can consider the site environment and choose to use other more glass properties to meet the needs of the scene. Such as shading and energy saving of window glass. To use the heat-reflective coated glass in the processing of the bullet-resistant glass.

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    Factors affecting the bullet-resistant ability of glass 

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    The bullet-resistant ability of glass is affected by many factors, and it is very important to control these factors effectively to select and manufacture bullet-resistant glass.

    (1) The thickness. The thicker the glass, the more bullet-resistant ability it is. Because the material's bearing capacity increases exponentially with its thickness.

    (2) The combination. When the thickness of laminated bullet-resistant glass is gradually reduced from the impact surface to the back surface, its bullet-resistant ability will increase, especially when the last layer of glass(From impact side) is thinner, its bullet-resistant effect is better, because this arrangement can reduce the splashing, so as to reduce the degree of secondary damage.

    (3) The size of glass. The larger the size of glass is, the larger elastic deformation of glass produced when it is impacted. The more the impact energy absorbed by glass is converted into elastic energy, and the smaller the damage to glass is.

    (4) The installation. Glass periphery is firmly fixed to the frame, when the glass is impacted by, its elastic deformation will be limited, bullet-resistant ability will be adversely affected, bullet-resistant ability will decline. Similarly, when the glass is installed, if the contact with the frame is inelastic, its bullet-resistant ability will also decrease.

    Bullet-resistant glass Standards

    In the world, the use and manufacture of bullet-resistant glass in developed countries started at earlier time. And the standards of bullet-resistant glass are more consummate. Such as The United States UL752 "PROTECTION STANDARDS FOR BULLET RESISTANT GLASS PRODUCTS", the United States ASTM1233 "Standard Test Method for Security Glazing Materials And Systems", the European Union EN1063 "Glass in Building - Security Glazing - Testing and Classification of Resistance Against Bullet Attack", the British BS 5051 "Bullet-resistant glazing ".UL752-Test and classification for Ballistic Resistant materials.

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    UL752-Test and classification for Ballistic Resistant materials 

    The earliest standard of bullet-resistant glass in China was the public safety industry standard GA 165 ”bullet-resistant glass” that issued and implemented in 1997, and national standard GB17840 bullet-resistant glass that issued and implemented in 1999.

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    Installation of  Bullet-resistent glass

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    Bullet-resistant glass can resist the impact of bullets, but bullet-resistant glass is a brittle material. In the process of use, storage and installation, glass cannot contact with steel materials, and elastic materials must be used to separate glass from other materials.

    The gap between bullet-resistant glass and support frame should not be less than 5mm to avoid glass breakage caused by the stress concentration of glass thermal expansion.

    Pay attention to the installation direction of the glass. The thicker layer is the threat side, should be installed in the direction of the possible shooting, otherwise the bullet-resistant ability of the glass will be greatly affected, of course, there is no such problem for the symmetrical structure of the glass.

    The overlapped part should not be less than 50mm if using the overlapped installation. This is because the bullet-resistant ability of the glass is weak on its edge when the glass is suffering the shooting bullets. If the overlap is too small, the bullets may penetrate the glass or produce large splash and affect the protection ability of the glass.

    The glass should not be in contact with corrosive substances during use. the surface can not be wiped with hard objects. And should be avoid the welding splash damage the glass surface.

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