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    Hotels: How Smart Glass Can Revolutionise Hotel Design

    2023-05-31 15:12:59  News

    The hospitality sector has been particularly hard-hit over the past 12 months or so. With global travel restrictions and lockdowns, hotels have unfortunately been forced to operate at a reduced capacity and closed in some cases.

    Once restrictions are lifted, it’s expected that holiday bookings will be firmly back on the agenda, at home and abroad. For many hotels, now is the time to re-imagine their interiors in preparation for an influx of visitors. Here we’ll examine how smart glass can help hotels provide a swish, sleek, modern experience for their residents—taking their guest experience to the next level.


    Switchable Smart Glass Windows

    Switchable Smart Glass Windows will add an extra touch of class to your rooms. Residents will be able to benefit from the impactful first impressions of a stunning city view, switching between fully transparent and completely opaque in a second, providing instant privacy and light control as and when needed.

    Manufactured by using a special factory coating process to apply our Switchable Film to a pane of glass, we can manufacture both single glazed and double glazed windows.

    Not only do Switchable Smart Glass Windows boast a range of thermal, solar, and sound insulation benefits, but they also remove the need for fiddly, dust-prone blinds and curtains.

    Smart Glass Partitions

    Hotels can use Switchable Smart Glass partitions to divide up their rooms. For instance, you might use these smart partitions to demarcate the bedroom and bathroom areas—affording guests a balance between enjoying the appearance of a nice, spacious room, but also being able to enjoy some much-needed privacy when the bathroom is in use. Plus, by replacing standard stud walls with Switchable Glass, you allow natural light to enter parts of the room that it otherwise wouldn’t have reached, helping you to get the most out of smaller or awkwardly shaped rooms.

    Or how about implementing our Switchable Door Panel, powered by an AA replaceable battery pack, in all family rooms? By installing this, you’ll allow parents to blend the need for privacy with the ability to quickly monitor what their kids are up to in the adjoining room.

    Smart Glass Leisure Facilities

    Of course, first-rate rooms are just one part of a hotel’s all-round visitor experience. Take your leisure facilities, such as swimming pools and gyms, to the next level with our range of Switchable Smart Glass products.

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a rooftop swimming pool, for example, then consider installing a smart glass floor. By turning the floor from opaque to translucent, your visitors will suddenly see everything below them, giving them the jaw-dropping—and completely unforgettable—feeling of floating in the air. 

    When it comes to gyms, on the other hand, you can afford your guests’ private spaces in which to work out. This is particularly important for guests who might be slightly self-conscious, or who simply want to exercise without prying eyes. 

    Why not upgrade your function rooms by integrating smart glass into your design? The wow factor of Switchable Glass is a great tool when showing off to prospective customers and also creates a more versatile space, allowing you to show off your facilities in all their glory at the most opportune time with no compromise on the option of privacy.

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