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    2023-06-25 09:26:28  News


    The use of Jumbo glass

    Jumbo glass, or simply Jumbo, meaning "giant, huge" is an architectural oversized glass used in modern construction. Jumbo glass sheets can reach the size of 6000 x 3210mm. This large-sized glass is used in the facade construction of translucent structures with large apertures.

    Jumbo glass is used to make stained glass windows, glass walls, exhibition galleries, construct office buildings and other structures that require large-scale all-glass installations which are then used to build solid partitions in the internal premises of commercial and municipal facilities.

    In addition, Jumbo glass panels are actively used for facade glazing of buildings — products of this format are suitable for mullion and transom frame and spider systems. Sometimes Jumbo glass is used for construction of transparent fences to isolate a fairly large area.

    This type of glass opens up new opportunities in terms of its value for PR activities in the field interior design, as well as for creation of unique architecture of shop windows and buildings. Jumbo glass gives buildings a modern, dynamic look. Shops of all sizes, megamalls and art centers, administrative facilities and office complexes — you can find fully glazed facades, walls and partitions made of Jumbo glass everywhere. It finds its application wherever large glass is required for exterior decoration and separation of interior spaces.

    news89pic1Jumbo glassware is installed:

    • In profile systems for stained-glass glazing (made of aluminum or stainless steel);
    • • In the clamping profile from above and from below (with decorative covers for stainless steel or nodding);
    • On the spiders, which are fixed to the bearing racks made of stainless steel of the calculated cross-section;
    • On the manets (point attachments) that hold the glass from above and below;
    • Combined attachment of Jumbo glass on spiders and manets.

    The advantages and disadvantages of Jumbo glass

    Modern methods of glass processing make it possible to cut individual parts from a Jumbo sheet, while making the most optimal use of its area. This saves time needed for the production and minimizes waste (up to 4-8%).

    Despite numerous advantages, Jumbo glass has some disadvantages. These are not critical and are rather objective production costs than drawbacks— heavy weight and more expensive installation, which requires the use of special equipment and highly qualified personnel.


    Jumbo glass is stored in slips on pyramids just like glass in a wooden frame. Slips are laid with cardboard spacers.


    Jumbo is delivered to the client's warehouse in batches of 22 tons on special trucks for glass transportation also known as Floatliner.

    A Floatliner is specifically designed for the transportation of flat glass pyramids without supports, with a fully lowering function. The Hydro-Push mounting system guarantees secure mounting of various glass weights. It is a self-loading and self-unloading vehicle. It should be noted that Flatliners can transport glass in a regular packaging, such as wooden boxes.

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