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    Why Bent Glass?

    2022-12-30 13:23:14  News

    Bent and Curved Glass

    People are now concerned more about the impact of products used in construction. Glass is completely recyclable and it is the most environment friendly material used in construction. Further, the cost of installing bent glass has greatly reduced. All these properties related to glass have led to the rising importance of glass in architecture. With the use of glass, natural light can be let inside the building and people in the building can also get connected with the outer landscape. A sense of space can be established strongly with the use of glass in structures.

    Just like light is transferred, glass has the tendency to let heat in. However, modern day technology uses different types of coating to insulate glasses used in buildings. This way, suitable amount of warmth is locked inside the building and it remains unaffected by the variation in temperature outside. The thermal insulation of bent glass is usually represented as K value.

    To enhance the corporate image and to make the building stand out of the rest, curved surfaces are used in modern buildings. Facades have become essential in corporate buildings and using bent glass, different types of facades can be built. For aesthetic reasons too, glass is widely used in commercial and residential buildings.


    Types of Curved Glass

    Curved glass is used in three different forms depending on the requirements of the building. Curved annealed glass is commonly used for showcasing purposes where the necessity of safety glass is minimal. In windows and in shop showcases, this type of bent glass is mostly used. Curved toughened glass is strong and shock resistant as annealed glass is heated to 700°C and cooled rapidly to induce glass strength. This type of glass is used in staircases, cabins and other interiors. Laminated glass is the toughest glass as bonding two glass layers permanently forms it. Even when the glass shatters, it stays within the lamination and doesn’t break into pieces.

    Curved glass has gained so much significance in building constructions mainly because of the uniqueness. Each bent glass has to be custom made depending on the measurements. Further, the properties of the glass can be determined only after evaluating the demands of the situations. It is possible to create a whole new look to the building just by using varieties of colored glasses. Due to the easy availability of bent glass technology, curved glasses are used in building interiors too.


    Challenges Faced

    The number of buildings using bent glass is constantly increasing, but glass is not used by everyone because the glass technology has its own obstacles. Constructors and architects are not fully aware of the miracles that can be created by these glasses. Many buildings are erected using standardized products, but bent glasses are not available in standard sizes. For every façade or building, the glasses must be tailor-made.

    Hard coat glasses can be bent and tempered easily. Soft coat glasses have better insulation properties, but they can’t be bent and tempered using available methods. It is not possible to coat a glass after it is bent.

    However, the glass bending and framing technologies have developed to a greater extent that bold secured glass structures and load bearing structures can be manufactured readily. Extensive optical and design properties of the glasses can be maintained using new techniques. Latest advancements in glass making technology, improvements in the safety aspects of glass and cheaper methods to product curved glass have all led to the demand for bent glass in the future construction arena.

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