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    Digital Printed Glass Price and Supplier

    2022-12-29 13:11:00  News

    Digital glass printing is high quality printing onto glass giving our clients endless opportunities for creativity and design flair. We supply glass printing in various formats for monolithic and laminated glass so we have the outcome to meet your needs.


    What is Digital Glass printing (DGP)?  

    DGP is YOUR images printed onto glass panels for low iron glass. Laminated glass utilizes SentryGlas® Expressions™ inter layer between the glass panels or onto a clear inter layer and then laminated between 2 sheets of glass.


    Dip-tech printed glass by Clear Glass Solutions is also offered printed DIRECTLY onto glass so has a translucent effect or it can be a solid color with no transparency


    The applications available for Digital printing are enormous as practically any image can be printed onto the glass given the resolution is of sufficient quality.


    The Applications of Digital Glass Printing.

    The application include : building façades, glass balustrades, shop fronts, office fit outs, shopping centres, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, domestic residences, exhibitions pieces, sporting clubs, furniture manufacturers, glass canopies, splash backs, pool fences and shower screens etc. Let your imagination be the only limiting factor.


    Whether you’re looking for digital prints for your walls, hallways, windows, doors, table tops, kitchen splashbacks and much more you needn’t look any further.


    We have a complete range of digitally printed glass available online, customised to suit your specific requirements. Simply decide where you would like to display your artwork, select the correct size of glass and send us your vision. Instantly boost the quality of your rooms with a contemporary photo or unique design.


    Digital Printed Glass Price and Supplier

    We can customize as per your specific need of different thickness on the digital printed glass. The printing cost ranges from 30-50usd/sqm as per different design and printing coverages.


    With our help, you can print any image onto glass. Why not make the most of our design service? We encourage you to put pen to paper and design the glass to be exactly how you want it! We will then bring your vision to life with our expert in-house design team at Wallkingdon glass.


    Our digitally printed glass is available in block colours as well as opaque finishes, cut to size to fit any home, office or public place.

    Wallkingdon Glass is a leading digital printed glass supplier in China for architectural and interior glass. We provide very competitive price of a variety glass products to satisfy a wide range of applications.

     If you have any question for digital printed glass , pls kindly contact us via enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com 

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