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    Why Use Silkscreen On Glass?

    2023-04-28 16:09:55  News

    Glass printing is a unique contemporary design idea for renovation and redecorating the interior space. Glass screen printing is one of the common decorative trends in the world of interior design. Screen printed glass can be designed and customized as per the unique design needs of homeowners. Opaque and transparent ceramic inks print an eminent image on glass screen having desired design, shape, and color. Glass printing is perfect for augmenting the beauty of interior space and is ideal for both residential and commercial settings.


    Available Colors And Design For Silk Screen Printing

    Design enthusiasts can select from a wide range of amazing silk printing glass designs & colors for renovating & decorating their interior space. The luxury to customize silkscreen adds to the beauty & aesthetic appeal of the contemporary glass. The glass is designed with a single color which can be selected from the list of available colors or can also be customized as per the homeowners’ need. All the popular silk screen designs available at Wallkingdon Glass are made in accordance with the design needs of contemporary lovers of modern-day design. Most commonly, homeowners love to customize their contemporary glass in three popular design patterns dots, holes, & lines. The design of each pattern can be further adjusted and holds incredible design versatility. Dotted silk screens are loved by design enthusiasts who love vibrancy in design and desire to augment the elegance & aesthetic appeal of the living spaces. Hole pattern glasses are greatly admired by homeowners who want a versatile design solution that coherently blends in with both the traditionalistic & contemporary design themes. Besides the dots & holes pattern, line glasses are also incredibly popular and perfect for design lovers in search of the sophisticated design idea.


    Why Use Silkscreen On Glass?

    Silkscreen on glass provides the homeowner the luxury to design interior space in an unparalleled creative fashion. With no limitation to design or style, this design idea makes interior and exterior design unique and exclusive. Design enthusiasts don’t have to follow the same pattern and regular design ideas anymore and everyone can redesign their interior space in their own desired way. Glass is the most commonly used design element which helps in developing a greater sense of coherence in design. Extensive application of glass requires the homeowner to practice better creativity to make the design look more fabulous and less dreary.


    Types Of Glass Suitable For Screen Printing

    Numerous popular glass types can be customized and decorated with the help of digital printing on glass. Tempered glass is one such commonly used glass that augments the strength of the indoor and outdoor décor elements. The option of using silkscreen on the glass works perfectly well with this unique high-strength and durable glass. In addition to this, laminated glass, frosted glass, custom-cut glass, heat-strengthened glass, insulated glass, and many more types of glass works well with screen printing on glass.


    Applications For Glass Screen Printing

    Screen printing is the best way to distinguish a design theme from the other common themes widely used in the design world of today. The glass not only upsurges the aesthetic appeal of the interior but can also be merged with unique design techniques that help in reducing the U-factor of the glass. Screen printing technology is especially suitable for high-volume glass printing productions. Large-format equipment and large glass panels that have the same, repeated design are always recommended for screen printing. Screen printing offers multiple advantages, primarily for the massive runs of automotive glass, which needs one-color printing, and high-volume, large-format flat-glass applications. The amazing new silk-screened glass smoothly blends in with both the conventional and contemporary décor themes. There are no limitations with the design of this innovative glass and their incredible design versatility makes it a perfect decorative choice for residential and commercial settings. Silk-screened glass is perfect for design lovers who are bored with outdated design ideas and want to try something truly exceptional and beautiful. Clear, opaque, tinted, solar-control, energy-saving and many more types of glass can be customized with the help of glass printing. The idea of silkscreen on glass perfectly suits the theme of minimalism widely followed by innovative design themes of today.

    Supplier of Silk Printing Glass In China

    Wallkingdon Glass offers not only one of the broadest selections of architectural, decorative, and specialty glass, but we also offer services that allow our clients to do more with glass. If you want to get high quality glass and the cost effective solutions while keeping quality to highest level, send an email to enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com, we will have the valuable input and creativity of glass design experts to help you.


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