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    What Type Of Glass Is Used For Walls Of Commercial Buildings?

    2022-11-16 14:57:54  News

    Internal walls in many commercial buildings are made of glass, to render a stylish look to the office. Some house owners also prefer glass walls to make their homes look classier and more impressive to onlookers.

    Different types of glass can be used for making these walls, which should serve various purposes apart from the elegant appearance.

    Many manufacturers offer a large range of architectural glasses, which can be used for making walls of boardrooms, display units of sellable products, partitions between cubicles, and fireproof doors.

    The walls of living rooms, kitchens, and dining spaces in residential houses can also be built of architectural glass that should be stain-proof and highly durable.

    Properties required in the glass used for making walls

    Protection from UV rays

    Some architectural glasses, like laminate glass, are made by providing an interlayer between glass sheets. This interlayer absorbs 99% of ultraviolet radiation from the direct sunlight passing through the glass walls, protecting people from its harmful effects.

    Sound insulation property

    Glass walls need to be soundproof to make the interiors absolutely peaceful and quiet, by blocking all kinds of disturbing noises evolving from external sources. Thus, the acoustic quality of the architectural glass should be checked while building walls around commercial or residential spaces.

    Aesthetic appearance

    The elegant look of the walls is essential to render a classy appearance to offices, shops, and living rooms of residential houses. Decorative glasses are often used for making these walls, which are customized with specific designs as per the requests of building owners.

    High durability

    As glass is generally believed to be brittle and less durable, architectural glass undergoes a special treatment to render greater longevity.

    Some of these glasses are provided with a warranty of 10 – 20 years, as these products mostly last for more than 25 years.

    Even if the glass breaks, people should not be injured from sharp shards of broken glass, for which the glass pieces should not come out of place.

    The opacity of glass

    Ordinary glass is transparent, which allows 100% light to pass through it. But an architectural glass is treated to make it somewhat opaque, to maintain the privacy of the indoor spaces.

    However, the opacity range of glass walls is chosen by customers according to their requirements.

    Different varieties of high-quality lacquered glass can be used for making walls, to brighten up the entire interior space with reflections of light from the glass surface.

    Laminated glass is also a good choice for making walls, due to the security provided by it to the indoor space. These glasses also have all the above-mentioned qualities to make the best walls.

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