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    2022-11-16 15:24:41  News

    Interior Glass Wall Systems bring the benefits of glass to the workplace - transparency, daylighting, versatility, efficiency, space saving, and low cost of ownership. The wall systems come in a range of sleek but rugged minimalist designs and configurations so you can select the system that best matches your project's functional and aesthetic requirements.

    What is glass panel wall?

    A glass partition wall is an interior wall structure made primarily of glass or a glass alternative. Glass panels are paired with metal framing, channel and/or clamps to create custom non load-bearing walls that can function as office dividers, bathroom partition walls, glass wall systems, and more.

    Glass panels offer simple solutions to many design dilemmas. How can I keep a toilet from detracting from a bathroom’s spa-like vibes? Install a frosted, patterned, or back-painted glass wall panel that creates a private nook for the commode. How can I give employees separate work spaces without making claustrophobic office cubicles? Use clear glass panels to create modern office partitions. How can I create a separate lobby for clients without losing the natural light from my front windows? Have several glass panels installed to delineate the lobby, but use clear glass so that the natural light can still illumine the rest of your office.

    Glass wall panels can be framed or frameless, and style options for the glass itself include:

    • Clear

    • Ultra-clear (low iron)

    • Patterned

    • Acid-etched (frosted)

    • Tinted

    • Back painted

    While tempered glass is the most common choice for a glass wall panel, other options are available if there are concerns about durability or safety. These include laminated glass as well as Plexiglas, a type of acrylic sheeting that offers a glass-like appearance. It is also durable and will not form sharp shards if broken. Alternatively, opaque colored acrylic can also be used to create privacy partitions.

    Are glass walls Safe?

    From lamination to heat treating, glass walls can be designed safely for all different types of application, from residential to commercial. ... From here, glass lamination has created another level of safety within glass construction, to open up a whole new world of glazing possibilities.


    Can a glass wall be structural?

    A structural glass wall is a minimal and modern alternative to framed curtain walling, used to create a large or long elevation of glazing where the glass is the primary design feature. ... The result is a large glass elevation with no visible framing or fixings.


    How thick is a glass wall?

    For commercial construction, the two most common thicknesses are 1/4 inch (6 mm) monolithic and 1 inch (25 mm) insulating glass. 1/4 inch glass is typically used only in spandrel areas, while insulating glass is used for the rest of the building (sometimes spandrel glass is specified as insulating glass as well).


    Are glass walls strong?

    Easily breakable.But contrary to this misconception, glass walls are incredibly strong and durable, making the likelihood that they will shatter very low. ... Due to the inherent strength that results from the way tempered and laminated glass is manufactured, the likelihood of them breaking is incredibly low.


    How are interior glass walls used in homes?

    We’ve all probably seen glass wall partitions in offices or commercial settings, but in-home uses are less common. However, contemporary designers are putting both clear and privacy glass to work in their décor schemes. The use of one or more clear glass walls is a powerful tool for making any small or crowed space feel larger and more open. A transparent partition wall can also make open concept living space even more bright and airy. If privacy concerns exist, attractive curtains can also be installed; keep the curtains open most of the time for a spacious feel and draw them shut when a private space is desirable.

    On the other hand, privacy glass can be used to create a glass wall partition that makes the perfect screen for privacy or to hide a room’s less appealing elements. Acid-etched, patterned, and tinted glass give some privacy (acid-etched the most, tinted the least) but still allow light to pass through. Back painted glass is available in custom colors and is opaque colored glass that offers complete privacy.

    Examples of this type of application include:

    • Glass partition for a bathroom: full or half wall that creates private spaces in a family bathroom or hides the commode in luxurious master bath.

    • Small partition wall that keeps kitchen work space out of sight while preserving the continuity between dining room and kitchen.

    • Room divider to create separate spaces for siblings sharing a bedroom.

    • Opaque, colored acrylic panels to delineate a play area in a toddler’s room.


    What is a frameless glass wall system and how does it work?

    One of the most trendy glass partition options is the frameless glass wall system. Ideal for creating a modern meeting room or living area, this type of partition highlights panels of frameless glazing coming together to form sleek interior glass walls. These custom glass walls are used in areas of all shapes and sizes to create unique and beautiful spaces, such as this frameless glass wall system that ABC Glass and Mirror recently installed for one of its customers in Northern Virginia.

    Frameless glass wall systems typically extend from floor to ceiling. Unobtrusive metal channel is fastened to the floor and ceiling and holds the glass panels in place. Sometimes the pieces of glass are slid into the upper and lower channels simultaneously from the side. In other situations, the top channel is deeper and wider than necessary, so that the glass can be inserted into it first and then maneuvered into the bottom channel. Since the top channel is extra deep, it still grips the glass once it is set in the base channel.


    Wallkingdon Glass provides first-class products and services to exceed customer expectations. No matter what your project needs—from external high-rise windows to large-capacity glass in storefronts or showrooms, please contact us through the following ways: enquiry@wallkingdonglass.com


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